50+ Elongated Living Room Design Ideas

50 elongated living room design ideas (69)

The long and narrow room decoration is a difficult challenge, we certainly do not want the long living room to feel like an alley or bowling alley. And of course it is also difficult to create an intimate meeting room in square or round shape as you would normally want in a normal living room. It can also be difficult to create a comfortable seating area and not be disturbed by the traffic of people passing by. But there are some tricks in the decoration of the elongated living room to keep it comfortable and not look too empty.

Decorating small spaces is something a lot of us have to do, but long narrow living rooms? That is an entire other issue. With long as well as thin rooms you generally risk making a passage impact – not the best in case you’re attempting to make an inviting and comfortable space. However there are a great deal of approaches to finish these unbalanced rooms that can help limit the impact.

Shifting the main road to one side of the room is the best way to create a space that flows easily, without people having to walk between tables and couches or disturbing people sitting and relaxing. We’ll show you 10 elongated living room decorating ideas that might make your layout decoration plan look even easier. Take a look at some of the examples in the picture below.

When you’re organizing furniture don’t push everything against the dividers in the event that you can help it. On no less than one side of the room make a point to pull the furniture far from the divider and buoy it amidst the room. In opposition to prevalent thinking it won’t influence the space to look rough, but instead it will make a cozier seating region (and abandon you with the walkway specified previously). At the point when all the furniture is pushed against the divider it can likewise make a knocking down some pins back road impact which is by and large not alluring.