101 Awesome Craftsman Kitchen Design Ideas & Remodel Pictures

101 awesome craftsman kitchen design ideas (97)101 awesome craftsman kitchen design ideas (97)

Craftsman kitchen cabinets are defined by simple lines, rugged construction, and very little excess ornamentation. Craftsman is enjoying a resurgence in popularity for its’ clean lines and rugged character. Craftsman style is quite an intriguing design style that’s enjoying an increasing popularity with homeowners and designers. Kitchen designing is a significant concept which offers users many different strategies to set their kitchen up. On the opposite hand you wouldn’t want a formal standard style kitchen in a really modern style home.

The Craftsman style is inspired by the English Arts & Crafts style but with an American twist. Largely developed by Gustav Stickley, Craftsman designs tend to be simple, with straight lines and “hefty” proportions. Like the Arts & Crafts style, the Craftsman style bears some resemblance to historic Shaker and Asian designs.

Below are some pictures of kitchens featuring Craftsman cabinets. If you enjoy the beauty and simplicity of the Craftsman design, be sure to take a look at Crafts kitchen galleries as well.

Nowadays, the kitchen is still the hub of the house and the location where you can have less formal meals. In case you have a massive kitchen, it isn’t hard to create a sense of openness. A bespoke kitchen also provides you with a right to modify things depending on your wishes. An apt bespoke kitchen is the ideal alternative to do away with these issues.