50+ Inspirations For Vertical Garden At Your House

50 minimalist vertical garden at your house (67)50 minimalist vertical garden at your house (67)

Hi, buddy, the garden is our place to express the hard and soft material components that support each other with our own artificial elements so we can get the garden that we want. Do not underestimate the function of the garden itself, it can help to refresh the mind, the garden also can be a place to feel the warm togetherness with the family. But you confused has only a few empty land? Only have a little capital? Here I will give innovation about the design of the garden that does not take many places and requires only a little capital.

Maybe vertical garden is the right solution. Vertical garden is an upright garden concept in which there are various kinds of plants and other hard elements that are usually applied in the front wall or behind existing homes, so it takes no more space. The materials used can be used materials, such as used bottles, glass that is not used, bucket or used paint cans. All that can be used originally in harmony with existing plants and walls. You can hook the used goods by using a rope or wire that is small but strong.

As for plants – plants that you can plant does not have to be expensive. You can use the plants around you without having to buy them. To cover the rope or wire you can cover it with the type of plant that propagates. As for the types of plants such as, Paris Lily Flower (Chlorophytum Comosum), Mandevilla, Hosta, Suplir (Adiantum), Dollar Plant. And many more plants around you that you can apply to your vertical garden. Hopefully my ideas can inspire you to create a minimalist garden in your home. Thank you.