50+ Unique Vase Inspirations From Unused Goods to Make Your Room More Inspiring


Saturated with your empty room? Bored with your room that makes you uncomfortable? Here I will give you a solution that makes your room more colorful. No need with jewelry or expensive items to make your room comfortable. Flower vase may be a solution to fill your room’s chaos and make your room more comfortable. Combining your favorite flower will further refine your room.

1.Paper Bag Vase

Vas bunga (59)

Lots of paper bags at home that are not worn and feel making dirty houses. Make the vase is the right thing to do so increase the ability of the goods rather than being thrown away or become garbage at home. Pair it with your favorit flowers and make the vases and flowers more comfortable to see. The trick is very easy to provide glass or jar filled with water. Insert it into the provided paper bag. After that enter the flowers you have selected into a glass or jar that contains water. Then your flowers will be fresh longer.

2.Flower Pot of Used Diskette Piece

Vas bunga (58)

Do not remove unused floppy disks. The floppy disks in your working room may make you resentful and distracted but dear to be thrown away. It may contain important data that you have ever made or contain memories with someone so it is very dear to be thrown away. Make something fun to look so you don’t have to waste and remember the memories you’ve made. Make the vase may be the right thing to do with the memories. It’s easy to make it. Enough with the used diskette and adhesive you can make the vase. Coupled with subtrates you want like soil, small rocks or sand and with your phaforit flowers. Then you can enjoy your faforit flowers inside your room.

There are many more unused goods that you can make the most beautiful vase in your room. Hope this will inspire you.